Medical Tourism

Medical Tourism is a new concept used for  obtaining medical or surgical services while traveling or vacationing in another country.

Medical Tourism is a growing sector in India. India’s medical tourism sector is expected to experience an annual growth rate of 30%, making it a $2 billion industry by 2015. As medical treatment costs in the developed world balloon - with the United States leading the way - more and more Westerners are finding the prospect of international travel for medical care increasingly appealing.An estimated 150,000 of these travel to India for low-priced healthcare procedures every year.

There are a lot of different medical/surgical options for medical tourists. Primarily, medical tourists get elective procedures such as cosmetic surgery, hip and knee replacements, dental procedures, infertility treatments; any procedure that is usually not covered by insurance or has a long waiting time in their home country.


The potential cost saving for medical tourists is huge and as a result is one of the more important factors in seeking treatment in India. It is important to note that the cost for each individual will vary depending on their need and requirements. Usually, an elective procedure such as a knee replacement would cost on average of $30,000 in the US. Whereas getting that same procedure done using similar quality parts in India would cost 40 - 60% less than the cost in the US, including the hospital stay, all procedure and physicians costs and transportation to and from India. The costs compared to UK are similarly lower by about 40 - 60%. This is mainly possible because of favourable currency exchange rates.

We have  U.S. and India based staff of specialists who focus on Medical Tourism, and stay abreast of all current developments in their respective fields. They work closely with our leisure travel specialists and are able to coordinate explorations of India’s (and other Asian countries) major tourism attractions. These can be facilitated for a vacation for the patient and/or their travelling companion(s).

A very important aspect of medicine is the recovery phase. It has been statistically shown that patients recover more quickly and with a much higher success rate when they incorporate practices that enhance physical, mental, and emotional well being. Your client can take advantage of one of Easy Tours’ optional extensions that include the world’s best guided regimens of Aryuveda, Yoga, and Meditation, which speed healing and bring the mind and body together as one.

Some of the popular Medical Tourist Destinations in India:

1)        Delhi      2) Agra   3) Jaipur   4) Udaipur     5) Varanasi  6) Mumbai   7) Chennai 8)   Cochin