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Excellent Goa Package (3N/4D)
3Nights / 4 Days

INR 8500.00
Jaipur– Pushkar- Udaipur(4N/5D)
4Nights / 5 Days

Jaipur, the...

INR 13729.00
Ajmer Sharif Dargah
2Nights / 3 Days

Hazrat Khwa...

INR 6799.00


Madrid - Valencia - Barcelona Tour
6Nights / 7 Days

Madrid - Va...

INR 87827.00
Australian Adventure
8Nights / 9 Days

Australian Advent...

INR 155805.00
Mauritius ,Slice of paradise (6N/7D)
6Nights / 7 Days


INR 59501.00


We have booked hotels booking through travelezze at three different places in the USA. We are from an Engineering college in Chennai and USA trip is an annual event in our college for student of mechanical stream to participate in a Car Making Model competition. We had a smooth sailing in the booking of hotels and had a nice time in all the hotels in USA.
USA trip by Poojit Reddy
Very simple and essay site. No hidden cost while carrying our transaction. Fares of all domestic airlines are less compare to what we see on other portals specially GoAir fares are very attractive. We must give a try to this new company
Flight Booking by Saakshi Joshi
Travelezze gave us an unparalleled chance to investigate Turkey from antiquated to cutting edge times. The enormous magnificence of the normal setting joined with the information and ability of the aide made for an exceptional experience!
Turkey Trip by Nimisha


Route   Fare Starting  
NEW DELHI to Dharamsala   Rs. 5356   Book Now
MUMBAI to Pune   Rs. 3781   Book Now
HYDERABAD to NEW DELHI   Rs. 3043   Book Now
BANGALORE to GOA   Rs. 1629   Book Now
NEW DELHI to HYDERABAD   Rs. 3043   Book Now
MUMBAI to Mangalore   Rs. 3322   Book Now
Pune to NEW DELHI   Rs. 2739   Book Now
Bengaluru to MUMBAI   Rs. 2004   Book Now
NEW DELHI to Pune   Rs. 2626   Book Now
NEW DELHI to AMRITSAR   Rs. 3339   Book Now


Princely states in India: The Heritage unexplored

India has always been an unexplored heritage because of its vast expanse of Heritage, cultures, religions and the large no of small principalities that existed in India. India has been a land of cultures, traditions, architectures and what not. India is a country which you can’t find anywhere in the world. That’s why we say Incredible India. India’s long drawn history has been an advantageous to the country in many ways though it had its own disadvantages. While those disadvantages have been removed in the last 66 years of independence but the advantages of those long drawn wars, struggles and rule are still visible in India. India has been home to a large no of rulers from all over the world. Starting from the Turks, Irani’s, Mughals, English, Portugal, French and Dutch, these are just the invaders above these we had around 550 principalities at the time of Independence. All of these carried their own architecture, culture, traditions and built a different and large no of marvels. You might have visited some of the great principalities of India like the famous city of Udaipur, Jaipur, Hyderabad, Junagarh, jaisalmer, Mysore, Punjab and many more. Well here we attempt to explore some of these places and the other some unexplored princely heritages that one should visit in ones visit to India. These heritages are well preserved and will give you the real glimpse of the India art and architecture. These are all varied and will definitely awestruck you and you will take away some of the best experiences of your Life. The most important thing to notice in these marvels is that to imagine how they would have managed such marvels at that time with so much of precision and creativity without any modern technology so much so that they stand erect and in well conditions even after thousands of years. So let’s begin our journey to the unexplored world of India. Mysore: Mysore at that time and even town was the most modern state. Mysore is famous for the Mysore Palace that is just a magnificent and a beautiful piece of artwork. If you want to see the Mysore’s Richness and the old Raja- maharaja culture then one must never miss the Dusherra Celebration of Mysore. Bhavnagar: Bhavnagar is a beautiful principality in Gujarat nearby to Gandhinagar. Bhavnagar’s palace has been converted into a five star hotel and is definitely a worth stay. If you want to enjoy the richness of this place then one must visit the place during the time of navaratris’s. Gujarat is already known for its navaratri celebration and if you visit Bhavnagar then it would be cherry on the top. Junagarh: It is again a principality in Gujarat. The place is famous for its palaces and the rich architecture that it provides. The architecture Is very well preserved and provides you the richness of the then Maharajas of this place. You can see the luxury in which they used to live and enjoy their life. Udaipur: Udaipur is considered till now a principality due to its richness and exiguities. The place is famously known as the City Of Palaces. There are a large no of palaces that you can visit, most of them has been converted into hotels, but the most beautiful and the worth to stay is the famous lake palace which is situated in the midst of the lake. There are many other places in India that one can visit but the richness of India can’t be covered in one Life. You point out one place on the map of the earth and Indians will tell you the history of that place. Some of the other places include the areas of Delhi and Agra, and then in the south you can enjoy the Nizams in Hyderabad which is also quite famous for its palaces. You can even enjoy the style and the richness of the present Rajas by seeing their present life in places like Udaipur, Jaipur and many more. Hence India is famous for its wide range of the principalities, so just visit these places if you want to get the real taste of India within India.

Experience the Rural Beauty of India

Village Tours in India: Experience the Rural Beauty of India India is a country of a million colours, billion people, hundreds of landscapes and thousands of villages. The country is a great assimilation of aspirations, traditions, heritage and love. The epitome of culture, India, is known for its diversity and its openness. People flock to this vibrant country from all corners of the world to dive in its natural beauty, its historical heritage and its warm people. Every millions of tourists come to India, to experience the vibrancy in its air and to know what real country life is all about. Rural India is the cultural and historical epicentre of the country. The country as a whole may be one of the world’s fastest growing countries with bustling and booming cities but it is considered that its true heart still lies in its rural lands. India has more than 100,000 villages which are full of different sorts of people who speak multiple languages, have their own unique culture, dressing, traditions, religion and beliefs. If you wish to discover the soul of the country you have t move out of the cities and go to the rural heartlands which will expose you to the cultures, traditions and dialects of the people. It is an accepted fact that India is a diverse country and this diversity is more evident in its rural areas than any wear else. India’s villages have a different culture and set-up in different regions of the country. The northern Himalayan villages have a more nuanced life surrounded by the bliss of the Himalayas. The plains and Rajasthani villages showcase the cultural vibrancy and colour the country is known for, you discover and observe a kaleidoscope of dialects, customs, people, and way of life. Further down south, the villages are rich in the ancient Dravidian culture, languages, colour especially in the style of dressing, and knowledge. And, lastly eastern India shows you the diverse nature of people that exist in India as you get to observe and immerse yourself in the Bengali and north-eastern way of living. One of the many perks of visiting the rural villages of India, is that you get to witness life in its most simplest of forms. You can experience agriculture and its related activities in farms of Punjab which cater to tourists who wish to have such experiences, or, travel with the nomads of Rajasthan to places and experience life the gypsy way. You can catch fish with the fishermen in Goa, or, discover the historical gems hidden in many southern Indian villages. The experiences and learning you will get here you will not find anywhere else in the world. India’s villages are unique in their way of life and their societal structure and welcome anyone who wishes to experience life their way. There is so much to see and so much to experience in the rural lands of this colourful and diverse country of a billion people, all of it awaits you.

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