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Exotic Destinations in South India

Exotic Destinations in South India


Enjoy the experience of lifetime by visiting South India. A worthwhile experience that will present you the calming beauty of nature and the cultural wonders of southern India! It is the place referred as the home for Hindu gods and is definitely a must visit destination. India being a fascinating country has always attracted tourists from all around the world. If you are an admirer of nature & the beautiful architecture, then you will definitely love to visit this part of the world. 


South India comprises of four major states namely Kerala, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu. South India also includes Pondicherry the union territory and Lakshadweep Island in the Arabian Sea. So whether you are planning for a short vacation or a long trip choosing South India tour packages will be a wise option.



Kerala is the most beautiful state of India offering a variety of fabulous natural sights and vibrant images of culture with best hospitality. This place is very well-known for age old Ayurveda and spa centers that include unique techniques that give mental and physical relief to every visitor. On one hand the incredible beauty of Kerala makes it Gods own residence and on the other hand people love to call it a state of coconuts as coconut trees covers every single part of Kerala. The beautiful beaches on the city’s coast never fail to amaze people with their nail-biting sightseeing attractions. The amazing art, craft of shells, the wood carvings, bamboo mat paintings and wide-ranging spices are the specialty of the local markets in this state. Kerala presents tranquil backwater sailing and attractive hill stations.


Andhra Pradesh

 It is world famous for its beautiful pearls of Hyderabad. Additionally, high quality of Silver, Gold and other metals available in attractive designs are also the specialty of the markets of Andhra Pradesh. Here you can shop for the most stunning handicrafts and get the most beautiful and exotic hand woven carpets which will absolutely satisfy your purchasing experience. In Andhra you can also explore some marvellous forts, palaces and ancient temples that are the prestige of this state.



 It is one of the important destinations of South India which has never disappointed any traveller visiting this place. The state capital Bangalore is the modern city in India where you can enjoy world class hospitality in the exclusive hotels and get fashionable with the excellent products from shopping malls. Additionally, this place is well-known for its superb silk pieces.


Tamil Nadu

 It is known for its amazing arts & crafts. The major products of Tamil Nadu that attracts tourists are silk sarees from Chennai, colorful mats of Pattamara and Leather goods and jewellery items of the local markets. The state of Tamil Nadu is also popular for its natural beauty and ancient architecture which can be explored in the form of hill stations, beaches and ancient temples.


So, come to South India and return with the wetted memories of a marvellous tour with South India Travels and  holiday packages. There are many tour operators in India who provide various customized tour packages that suits your budget. Additionally, they also provide services like online flight ticket booking, hotel booking and much more. So hurry up and select the best travel agent for your perfect vacation.